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29,02,2024 08:00

DECEMBER 2020 In late July 2020 we were approached by previous overseas colleagues and were asked to be the North American arm of their new Direct to Film printer and dryer - at first, we thought, "Well, just transfers," and, were not immediately interested. Now, they have 20 years in sublimation printer experience, and I thought we would dip our toe into that over-saturated business, but DTF is much better, with more upside. THEN we saw the videos, received the samples and WOW, here we are 18 months later - an authorized EPSON dealer, having Pitney Bowes as our service team and the self-proclaimed leader in DTF sales in the United States and Canada - we've even sold 2 printers to Trinidad! So, what have we learned? 1. People are smart and resilient. While others may mock their "home-made" converted printers, Color Drop watches what they are doing and we see those people as future customers 2. We have competitors, and we believe that our competitors printers work - hey, they are just digital printers and digital printers have been around for many years Then why Color Drop - we take EVERYTHING to the next level - our head boards are the best available, we have ink filters and circulation systems and ink stirring systems and the BEST ICC profiles available. You can control the output and the density of the ink at any time and on any image. 3. Versus DTF - we have solved the polyester problem 100% - we have yet to print on a product that we couldn't get to work - even hard goods such as wood and coffee mugs - though we sell DTF for those applications 4. Versus vinyl - simple: no more weeding 5. Versus screen printing - print and apply nearly immediately, less set up, less people, less mess ALL IN ALL - DTF costs less to get into, costs less to produce and is much easier

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