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Return on Investment

29,02,2024 07:48

January 2020 Ten different customers may give you ten different answers on how they look at their return on investment when they purchase machinery - the Color Drop DTF customer is no different. ROI calculations can get very complicated when you take into consideration what exactly happens at your business. When calculating a TRUE ROI, you must cosider all areas of your business - the five most important are Soft costs, ie. Labor Operator, Supervisor, Office staff, Daily costs to run the business Downtime & Availability Most businesses are more interested in UTILIZATION of each person and machine Don't just figure what you are producing hourly, figure what you are losing when the machine is not in operation Changeover time In wide format roll-to-roll printing, it is best to gang your art and simplly allow the printer to run 6,7,8 hours consistently. Time spent preparing saves changeover time later Throughput/Performance Goal: Produce more per shift with the same costs - producing more absorbs your hourly/daily cost Quality Yes, consumables in the DTF world aren't as expensive as in the DTG arena, however, errors cost money - reduce your errors and your bottom line will improve. It's not the $10 of film, $2 of ink or 50 cents of adhesive you wasted, it the time to go back and do it right As my Grandfather, a great carpenter taught me, "Measure twice, cut once!"

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