Color Drop Digital


29,02,2024 07:55

APRIL 2020 The Color Drop DTF M1 now has 4 Epson I3200 printheads This is a continuation from the Epson 4720 printheads, but there are more and they are faster. How fast? What took us 6.5 hours to print through a roll of 100m film, now takes nearly 4 hours. That increase in speed now allows you to print 400-600 images before lunch, and apply them to your garments before dinner time. We recommend the Hotronix Dual Air Fusion automatic twin 16"x20" pallet heat press. If two pieces of machinery were ever meant for each other, these two won't fool you. All this production and no mess, huge staff, clogged pretreat nozzles, wash out tanks, reclaiming mess, macro and micro registration - keeping it in registration - color matching, and so-on, and so-on, and so-on .. DTF technology may be new, but it is fresh and ready to rock !!

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