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29,02,2024 07:57

July 2020 We have been quite fortunate at Color Drop Digital Our initial product, the DTF M1, has outsold production for the month of March - yes, we sold more in one month than the factory can produce. Early adopters will receive their systems the first week of April, the others will receive their systems late in April. As part of our strategic plan, the price of the DTF M1 system will be increasing after the Labor Day weekend. We were never a low-priced provider, we consider ourselves a value-oriented provider. We offer a great solution at a fair price. Price often reflects the value of items, and consumers tend to associate price points with quality perception. If you want to market your company and its offerings as top quality, it makes strategic sense to raise prices to match. Print resolution is the ability of a printing system to reproduce image detail. There are two major factors that influence print resolution: 1. DPI - Dots Per Inch of a print system 2. The level of sharpness or contrast, a component of the drop size. Many factors contribute to the overall performance of a printhead: Drop size, Nozzles per inch, Drop volume consistency, Accuracy of drop placement, and the systems overall integration. Printing directly to garments reduces the resolution and contrast of the image. Printing directly to film and transferring the image to a garment allows for the best resolution. Inkjet printheads are distinguished by their nozzles per inch (NPI) or the rectangular grid of possible printable dots defined by the nozzle distance along the axis of the printhead, and by the speed and frequency along the axis of the media motion. Many people still believe that DPI is the ideal measure for digital printing, it simply is not. DPI does not simply or seamlessly transfer to digital media. Resolution, identified by NPI of the print head, should be used to analyze the image quality. DPI and resolution are both elements that make up a high-quality image, and are often used side by side to produce print media, but resolution is all that matters when it comes to digital media.

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