60cc Syringe with 8" tubing

Starting at$2.95

Ink tubing - manifold to damper

Eight pieces of tubing to connect manifold to damper / 7" in length

Starting at$9.95

1.5L Ink tank agitator

The stir mechanism sits inside the white ink tank and agitates the ink during production.

Starting at$27.95

Ink tubing - waste line

4 line 4mm OD 3.2mm ID 1 meter length

Starting at$11.00

Ink tube Y connector

Three pieces of ink tube Y connector for use under capping station

Starting at$19.95

White ink manifold 8-way

8 port white ink manifold - supports 2 Epson i3200 print heads

Starting at$19.95

White ink manifold 4-way

4 port white ink manifold - supports one Epson i3200 print head

Starting at$19.95

Ink tube clips

Set of 5 dlips to stop ink flow during maintenance

Starting at$6.95

Daughter board for Hoson board

Hoson daughter board attaches to Hoson head board

Starting at$49.00

Heat lamps - M4/M5

Heating element for M4/M5 dryer/shaker

Starting at$14.95

Encoder strip

Encoder strip - one size for all Color Drop M series printers

Starting at$9.95


25 amp relay for dryer/shaker

Starting at$13.75

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