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Do you have to be ruthless to grow a business? We think not. At Color Drop Digital, we believe that what is good for our bottom line is what is good for our customers. We believe a business can grow with a conscious and succeed with hard work. This is why Color Drop Digital puts the needs of the customer first. We want to build a culture and a community of customers where the needs of the customer come first.



As a 30 year veteran of the apparel business, Rick Macali received a call from an overseas colleague telling him about a shift in garment decoration. People were going to soon move away from direct to garment and focus on direct to film – until this time, it was barely heard of in North America. Finally, apparel decorators could move away from the extra handling and limitations of direct to garment – pretreating and only being able to print quality on 100% cotton apparel.
From this shift, a company was born:  Color Drop Digital, Inc.
It was founded on simply better apparel decoration.  Decorators don’t want to have to pretreat their garments, they don’t want to burn screens and employ 20 people – they wanted, a simple system that could print on any garment, any color, and Color Drop Digital delivered – digitally printed transfers that could adhere to most every apparel item, and then some.
Today, digital transfers are changing the way businesses, large and small are decorating apparel. And, they and their customers are better off for it.



  • 1976 – The Macali family opens an offset printing business, Impressions, serving NE Ohio.
  • 1979 – Screen printed apparel was adopted as Impressions bought out a neighboring business.
  • 1982 – Impressions was the leader in digital printing for documents when it was first introduced.
  • 1989 – Embroidery production was added as well as embroidery digitizing.
  • 1992 – Consulting on embroidery was strong as we worked with A&F, Hollister and Victoria’s Secret.
  • 1997 – The digitizing business flourished servicing Disney, Universal Studio’s and SeaWorld.
  • 2000 – The production aspect of the business was sold to the employees.
  • 2017 – Color Drop Pro’s opened its doors in central Florida, serving national online brands with DTG.
  • 2019 – Color Drop Digital was created focusing on Direct to Film – becoming experts in this space
  • 2020 – The first Color Drop DTF systems were sold
  • 2022 – Color Drop Digital invested heavily in a printer and dryer factory to design robust equipment for the North American market.
  • 2023 – Color Drop Digital sold it’s 100th DTF system and has partnered with great distributors. There are Color Drop DTF systems in many states, Canada and the Dominican Republic.
  • 2024 – Color Drop Digital introduces its new UV flatbed, the 9060 with photo item recognition.

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