Let me begin by saying that I have been in the Printing business for 35+ years. It's been a little over a year since I purchased and began using The Color Drop M2 DTF. I researched DTF for one year and I placed an order for 2 DTF machines from another company. The company promised that I would have a machine in 6-8 weeks. I paid for the equipment upfront in full - and never received it. After 45+ unanswered phone calls, I asked for my money back and wanted to cancel the order. Miraculously, the company said that they would be shipping in 3 weeks. When they finally did ship (after 6 month wait) I was told that they were shipping without inks or film...this was after assuring me that they never ran out of any items because the manufactured everything in-house. I told them I would not accept the equipment without the promised materials (that were ordered and paid for) and I would not accept the order when it arrived. Meanwhile I was researching other companies and I happened to run into a salesman that I have known for over 50 years (college & beyond) who was in our industry and he told me about a company called Color Drop that he had just become associated with and that they could get me a machine in 1 week. Since I had been turning orders away I jumped at the opportunity. I did receive the machine as promised and the install was a few days later. The process was amazingly simple and the install was great. I was up and running in 24 hours! The prints were amazing right out of the gate and I and my customers were extremely happy and thrilled with the resulting tee shirts. There have been occasional issues (mainly operating error or stupidity on my part) and whenever I needed help I received responses quickly and it always solved the problem. I was amazed that most times I was able to speak with the owner of the company! Especially since when I was dealing with the other company the owner NEVER returned my calls and neither did his secretary or associated underlings. I had to file a lawsuit to get my money back and it took a full yar for them to pay me and they had the nerve to charge a restocking fee....what a joke! So, after a year of operating and thousands of prints I am extremely satisfied with Color Drop and staff. Mike Allocco Owner AKA, Inc & Special Tees

Michael Allocco
Feb 28, 2024

We purchased a printer and shaker from ******, and their support sucked. Our business was growing, we heard that Color Drop was the best kept secret in the industry, so we gave them a look and I'm glad we did. They involved us in a group call with the factory DIRECT and they assured me what we found out to be true - Color Drop services their customers after the sale like no other. We are already looking at a 3rd and possibly 4th dtf in 2024 - Color Drop is our only choice.

Jim Shafer
Feb 12, 2024

We met Roger from Color Drop at Printing United in Atlanta - we thought we had our mind made up on another company, but he introduced us to the president of the company who was talking to a current customer of theirs. They didn't try to hard sell us, all they did was let us talk to their customers and WOW - I mean WOW. We purchased the trade show machine off the floor and we have not regretted it one bit!

David Franklin
Feb 12, 2024

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